I'm the only one

I feel like I'm the only one to not dig The Go! Team. The rest of NYC is buzzing with excitement for their three performances this week, starting tonight at the Mercury Lounge. Personally, I hear them as a poor man's Avalanches - though the incessant good word makes me think I should revisit their album.

In the meantime, I think the Glimmers' appearance at APT tonight is more exciting, especially as the early reviews on their DJ Kicks continue to be strong. Here's the email:

As a special pre-WMC treat, !K7 and APT are excited to present an evening with the universally-lauded Glimmers!

Describing their dizzying music style as "postdiscopunkelectrohousetech," Mo Bencha and David Fourquaert of the Glimmers have won a solid fanbase due to their astounding skills behind the decks and in the production studio.

The Glimmers duo hails from Ghent, Belgium - the same town that produced the revered 2ManyDJ's - and hold many of the same musical beliefs as their musical compatriots: never settle for mediocre music selections! The Glimmers pride themselves on being "sonic archaeologists and musical sociologists;" they love to assimilate all genres of music into their mix, including past gems and future classics!

And yes, the whispers are true - the duo used to be known as The Glimmer Twins, but due to Mick and Keith's litigious-happy lawyers, they were forced to drop part of their name!

Tonight we'll be celebrating their upcoming DJ Kicks mix (it drops April 19th), featuring a mix of tracks from artists including Bis, Hamilton Bohannon, Peaches, Two Lone Swordsmen, and more! Please, take our advice - don't miss this evening of glimmering, funky tunes!